Sunday, March 24, 2013

Alternative Health Herbs - The Little Known Secrets

What are the secrets of alternative health herbs?

Is it really such a secret when you have herbal and health food stores set up all across town?  Some do consider herbal treatment to be a "secret" that has been held back from mainstream America.

We know of health food stores, but perhaps we have never been truly educated on why natural products, particularly alternative health herbs, are healthier for us, in daily living and even in curing sickness.

The Secrets of Society Revealed

The first secret to realize is that everywhere you turn, you are slowly being poisoned.  Forget the heavy amounts of smoke and smog for just a moment and think about the toxic elements that are contained in processed foods, animal products and fast food meals.

Tap water contains all sorts of microscopic threats, and the environment is constantly being pumped full of pollutants.

You might think that the medical community would be your one refuge away from harm, but you would be wrong.  Every year several medications have to be taken off the market because they have are proven to cause deadly side effects to some users.

This is not even counting the questionable medications that are left on the market because there is a lack of strong evidence proving the danger of these drugs (or more specifically, the total number of successful lawsuits doesn't merit such a move).

Do Herbal Supplements Really Work?

So while we are forced to accept dangerous medications as the norm in society, simultaneously a lot of people seem to look down on alternative health herbs, just because science can't "prove" they really work.

There's only one fault with this logic... can science prove that medication really works in every single case?  Can the pharmaceutical companies confidently state that their wonder drug is safe to take?  No, they have to run lengthy disclaimers before every TV commercial!

The well kept secret of alternative health herbs is not that they are miracle cure-alls, but that they could bring far more benefits than they do harm if they are used as directed.

Using alternative health therapy with herbs, many consumers have found lasting solutions to their problems with indigestion, obesity, influenza, allergies, heart illnesses, and even some forms of cancer.

The Benefits of Herbs

Many individuals have benefited emotionally from alternative health herbs and have found non-medicinal treatment for anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger management, stress management and confusion.

You often times hear the argument that pharmaceutical and medical industries are just in this business for the money, and well, the truth of the matter is that every business (holistic healers included) is just in it for the money. The bigger issue here is that we the consumers should be allowed to decide what is good for us, and hear both sides of the argument.

The big secret of alternative health herbs is that these supplements could be just as effective as prescription or OTC drugs for certain problems, and minus the painful or dangerous side effects. Why take in more unnatural chemicals when you could simply increase your intake of vitamins, minerals, food, plant extract and healthy herbs?

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