Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Super Turmeric Herb - Discover the Secret Health Benefits of Turmeric

Have you ever imagined the turmeric herb helping with many common disorders? You've perhaps used this herb when cooking your food. But, have you up and considered it in a health supplement?

Why? The fact is that the turmeric herb has been found to have a host of health benefits.

Health benefits from being used as an anticancer agent to treating liver disorders. Because of its protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and yellowish orange unstable oils called "curcuminoids", the curcuminoids that are what's responsible for the organic activity of turmeric.

This herb has been used as a medicine for hundreds of years in India, China, and Southeast Asia. Now the health benefits of turmeric are being recognized here in the West.

The Super Turmeric Herb Health Benefits

o Fights Cancer -- as a natural antioxidant, the super herb specifically inhibits the development of breast and colon cancer, lymphoma, and cataracts. One study found that smokers who took just a teaspoon of turmeric a day for 30 days had lower levels of mutagens that cause cancer than those that did not take turmeric.

o Lowers Your Cholesterol with no Side Effects -- it's also been found to lower cholesterol levels in those who had high cholesterol in as few as 10 days. Although statins have been freely prescribed by doctors and have been touted to be lifesaving for those with high cholesterol, they can also cause a number of side effects, including muscle weakness and pain, and even cancer or neuropathy.

By contrast, people taking 500 mg a day of the turmeric herb had no side effects but experienced cholesterol lowering benefits nonetheless.

o Stomach Protector -- if you're prone to tummy troubles, try taking a couple of turmeric capsules per day. You can also dissolve a teaspoon of turmeric extract or powder in warm milk as a digestive aid.

Those are just a few benefits of this powerful herb which can help prevent and even cure many diseases. Here's another interesting benefit of the turmeric herb I found during my research.

Take it for general protective measures. If you already suffer from inflammatory diseases like arthritis and need relief, turmeric herb may be a godsend.

However, if you're healthy, you can certainly use turmeric as a defensive measure so you don't acquire these diseases to begin with. By adding a high quality nutritional supplement into in your daily routine, you'll be assured you're protected.

Since you'll get many health benefits of it along with other ingredients like ginkgo biloba and the important piperine (which increases the absorption of turmeric considerably), you'll rest easy knowing it's an overall protective herb with no side effects.

Now that you know this, why not give this herb a try? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain -- especially your health.

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