Sunday, March 24, 2013

Psychic Health Guarantees Success When Using the Law of Attraction

Play at life and you will remain harmoniously happy and healthy, whole and perfect, strong and powerful and wealthy and wise. Play is the gift we understood as children, and forgot as adults.

I used to wonder why my grammar school teachers seemed so young, even though they sometimes had grey hair. I know now that it's because they surrounded themselves with play. They never lost their ability to laugh. They didn't go into one of the professions that takes itself too seriously.

You Will Always be Successful at What You Desire

You are pre-programmed to have talent and ability in the things that you will desire. Desires are signals from the self that you are ready for growth in one area or another.

Your guides speaking to you through your intuition, know exactly what is around the corner and they know how you can position yourself to be ready to take advantage of whatever it is -- for your growth and enlightenment. This is all short term tactics. Your avatar, your Ego is moving across a field past time markers.

But, your long term movement and growth is guided by your desires. Desires arise from your spirit directly. Your spirit is the field and knows the end game of this life illusion. Your homing device is your desire, your passion, or your bliss.

When you Ego is afraid, or thinks that the choice is illogical or dangerous, you may experience some delay in manifestation. Your Ego will have sucked you in to the game and infused you with hesitation or fear. I would say, if you are afraid, move directly into your fear. This is the way out of Ego. Your Ego is a chicken and will disappear for a while when you move into your fear.

Move into your fear and when you are successful, you will have an additional jolt of energy and joy. There are few rewards in life better than overcoming fear and succeeding against all odds.

Avoid the Safe Decisions

This is not just another way of saying, move toward your fear. Safe decisions are seldom presented by your spirit because your spirit will present desire to guide you across the field. Ego will present safe.

When was the last time you desired something safe? It's like desiring jello. No one desires jello. People desire strawberry short cake or a perfect, fresh peach. Jello is a fake food. It is not something you desire.

What is a safe car? A Volvo. Your spirit doesn't desire a Volvo, but your Ego. Your Ego wants to live. To stay alive, your Ego needs your spirit dead. So there is often a little war between the two, and this is what causes delays or setbacks in your Law of Attraction manifesting.

When your spirit and your 3 minds are in agreement, you will have no delay at all in your manifesting. So, avoid the safe decisions. This is not really the safe way to travel at all. Go with your desire. Follow your heart. Be bold.

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