Sunday, March 24, 2013

Facial Cleansers - Not All Created Equal

Have you ever noticed just how many skin care companies there are in the world.  A simple search on the internet for wrinkle creams, facial moisturizers or even facial cleansers will pull up a list of companies and products so extensive, you can barely make any sense of it.  But what separates one company from the next or one facial cleanser from the others?  In years past, a facial cleanser was pretty much a facial cleanser no matter where you purchased it from, but this is no longer the case.  The author examines the latest advancements in the world of facial cleansers and just what separates the leading brands from the rest.

Facial cleansers used to be formulated for the sole purpose of removing makeup, excess oils and dirt and perhaps moisturizing the skin, but today they all do that, plus much more.  Facial cleansers have proven to be a crucial aspect to the daily skin care routines of people everywhere, especially those focused on maintaining or rekindling their youthful looking skin.  These facial cleansers today not only cleanse, but they treat the skin therapeutically.  But how does a consumer know which product does which and what separates the best facial cleansers from the outdated ones.

When it comes to any skin care product the proof is always in the ingredients.  A facial cleanser should have a few specific ingredients that will signify its quality.  The first of which is a chamomile extract.  This is a calming, soothing ingredient that acts as an anti inflammatory, this reduces redness, discoloration and leaves the skin soothed and restored.  Another ingredient too look for is Olive Leaf Extract, this all natural astringent will deeply cleanse and clean away toxins and bacteria that can lead to acne and other unsightly breakouts of the skin.  There will be a bunch of moisturizing ingredients in these cleansers but look for names you know like Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, they will be the best at getting the job done, from a moisture standpoint.  But there is one final ingredient that your therapeutic facial cleansers should have to ensure it is of the highest quality.  That ingredient is Tangerine Oil.  This oil promotes new skin cell growth, the production of collagen but most importantly it allows for deeper penetration and absorption of active ingredients into the skin.

This allows the facial cleanser to be used in the am prior to the daily skin care routine, but each product that consumers use after the therapeutic facial cleanser becomes instantly more effective.  The ingredients of each product in your routine penetrate deeper into the skin, making this facial cleanser the most important part of the routine.  The goal in all skin care is to have the ingredients take effect on the skin.  Well the use of the leading facial cleansers will allow this to happen much more efficiently.

The use of facial cleansers is fairly widespread and they are used by people in all stages of life.  Their primary goal or function is to cleanse deep into the skin removing excess oils or dirt and protecting the skin from the harsh realities of the environment.  But when a facial cleanser can enhance every aspect of your skin care routine, that cleanser has gone above and beyond expectations.  It is that difference that separates the leading facial cleansers from the outdated ones of our not too distant past.  Start your search for therapeutic facial cleansers by looking at ingredients, if you find what you are looking for there, chances are you have found the right cleanser for you.

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