Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lead Poisoning - Stay Safe Using the Right Health Insurance

Lead poisoning is a serious problem that this modern world is facing. Governments of different nations are raising emergency alarms on the harmful and dangerous growth of lead poison deposits found on consumer items like jewelries and toys. We are all at risk, the best defense however, is having a correct education on lead and protecting our health with the right health insurance plan.

According to research, lead disrupts the proper function of a protein that is very important for brain development and cognition. Most affected by poisonous lead ingestion are children; statistics show that children consume up to 50 percent while adults consume only about 10 to 15 percent.

As reported by the National Safety Council in the United State, some of the effects of lead poisoning include:

* Attention deficit disorders

* Stunted growth

* Learning disabilities

* Behavioral problems

* Impaired hearing

* Kidney damage (mostly in children)

Pregnant women are seriously advised to take high precautions on exposure to lead because it can harm the developing fetus. Also, food prepared in a lead-glazed earthenware can easily get poisoned; water stored in clay pots to keep it cool, and hot beverages served in a lead-glazed mugs are potentially dangerous. Statistics show that most people consume lead unknowingly from dishware.

Lead gives a smooth, glass like finish to clay dish-wares making them very beautiful and attractive but the problem is that lead can easily leach out from a dishware that is heated or exposed to some type of fruits and vegetables. Another source of this poisoning is gasoline, a lot countries around the world still use leaded gas for their automobile and engines. The danger is that lead does not break down or burn in combustion, thereby leading to poisoning of the soil and the vegetables we eat as vehicles emit them from their exhaust while working.

Truth is you can avoid those that are in your power to avoid like the use of lead-glazed dish-wares etc. However, you can not be too sure of the vegetable you are consuming; if it has been exposed to lead or not, how certain can you be? So, it becomes important to protect your health by getting the right medical care and health insurance for access to professional check-ups and treatment if necessary.

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