Sunday, March 24, 2013

How Facial Cleansers Prevent Dryness in Winter

Ever notice that your skin gets dry and irritated easily once winter hits. Well don't worry, it happens to most people living in cold climates. But what these people don't know is that their dry skin can be treated with certain facial cleansers that are designed to protect dryness and irritation. Facial cleansers will help prevent dryness and irritation because it provides a protection shield to strengthen your skin. Three ways in particular that facial cleansers will help your skin fight against dryness and irritation is time, SPF, and applying the cleanser two times a day.

The key to preventing dryness and irritation during the winter is time. Using a product of this type before winter starts will make your skin much tougher and less prone to any skin problem caused by cold air. The best way to prevent against dryness is to start using these products immediately after the first official day of fall. Even though it still may be relatively warm out, it can never hurt to protect your skin using dryness prevention facial cleansers. Time can only help in this situation and will not cause any bad side effects. Using facial cleansers months before winter actually hits will allow your skin to become thicker and stronger while building protection against possible irritation. It will also enable your skin to form a tough shield that protects against cold air.

Another key component of protecting against winter dryness and irritation is using facial cleansers that contain SPF. Facial cleansers that include sun blockage in their makeup are 66% more successful protecting against winter dryness than facial cleansers lacking any SPF. The facial cleanser doesn't need a high percentage of SPF in order to protect and prevent against dryness, it just needs a small amount of SPF to do the job. Research has shown that facial cleansers with SPF create a shield around one's skin that keeps it moisturized, balanced, and overall protected against the dry winter air. The sun blockage also supports the skin and maintains its healthy, vibrant look it has during the summer months.

The last important tip to prevent skin irritation during the winter months is to apply facial cleanser twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Using facial cleanser twice a day will give your skin a 58% better chance of preventing any dryness and breakouts caused by the cold. It will also give your skin a fresh, soft, and smooth look that everyone longs for. The size of a dime will do the trick when applying facial cleanser twice a day; more than that will leave your skin feeling greasy and oily. Using facial cleanser in the morning will give your skin more protection when facing the winter cold and using the cleanser at night will moisturize the skin and replenish it to its natural balance.

Skin dryness and irritation are common side effects of the cold winter air that everyone tries to avoid. Although it may be tough to do, some cleansers have proven to protect one's skin against these types of problems. Using facial cleansers before the winter begins will give your skin an advantage and make it less likely to break out once the cold hits. Facial cleansers that contain SPF will also help protect against dryness and irritation that is caused by the dry, winter air. Lastly, applying facial cleanser twice a day will give your skin the best results in protecting against irritations. If these three facial cleanser guidelines are used, your chances of experiencing any skin problems that normally occur during the winter will decrease, if not be eliminated completely.

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